ESL Community Program

Do you want to communicate better in English? Designed to help non-native speakers of English improve their English skills, AUM’s ESL Community Programs are held throughout the year in six to eight week terms. Every new student takes a placement test, which is specifically designed for this course. You will be placed in a class level based on your placement test scores attained upon enrollment. You can take ESL courses throughout the day, evening, and weekend.

ESL Community Program Schedule

Proficiency Levels

 Level 1  Beginning
 Level 2  Low Intermediate
 Level 3  Intermediate
 Level 4  High Intermediate
 Level 5  Advanced

Term                             Dates                                                               Placement Test Dates

Fall 1, 2014     August 18 - October 9
Aug. 12
Fall 2, 2014     October 20 - December 16
Oct. 14
Spring 1, 2015     January 15 - March 12
Jan. 9
Spring 2, 2015
    March 30 - May 21
Mar. 24
Summer 2015
    June 1 - July 23
May 26
Fall 1, 2015
    August 17 - October 8
Aug. 11
Fall 2, 2015
    October 19 - December 15
Oct. 13


    1. Speak confidently and effectively in a variety of everyday survival situations.
    2. Understand expected behavior in these everyday survival situations.
    3. Improve clarity and accuracy of pronunciation.
    4. Learn the sounds, rhythms and intonation of standard American English.
    5. Develop speaking confidence through discussions through a variety of topics.

Course Features

  • A multi-skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) syllabus.
  • A focus on accuracy and fluency.
  • Speaking on contemporary, real-world topics.
  • Natural, conversational language.
  • Grammar in communicative contexts.
  • Task-based listening activities.
  • Fun, personalized speaking activities.
  • Emphasis on pronunciation

The AUM Division of Continuing Education reserves the right to modify or change the course schedule and course content at any time, without prior approval and for any reason, but primarily based upon student enrollment and faculty availability.

Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the course for which you have registered, we ask that you notify the ESL Office (by phone, fax or in writing) no later than six days prior to the beginning of the course. A full refund is given when cancellation is made six days prior to the first scheduled session. Failure to attend does not constitute a cancellation.

ESL Credit Policy

If you cancel registration, you have the option to receive 80 percent credit to be used within the next six months towards ESL courses offered at AUM.


To register or for more information, send an email to, call 334-244-3131 or visit the
ESL Office on the 7th Floor of the Library Tower.